Sonia was able to give my wife and I a great consultation on how we could improve our health! She was able to see what our pantry looked like and build an awesome plan for us to eat better. Thank you, Sonia!


Sonia Cervantes is an amazing individual inside and out. She is very committed to helping her clients reach their full potential. She offers corporate, as well as, individualized health & wellness services. I had the pleasure of meeting her at church where she offered me vegan health recipes which has led to years of attending networking events and joining Boards with her. Sonia is such a giver and a connector. I highly recommend Sonia for your next wellness initiative as you will get a reliable, motivated, caring spirit to help you reach your health goals!


As a Health & Nutrition coach, Sonia knows her stuff! She's well versed, smart and so passionate when it comes to helping others lead their best life. She's the entire package and we love working with her and brainstorming on new ideas. Nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle is so important, especially now with the daily stress levels we're all experiencing. Having someone like Sonia on your team is definitely a PLUS!


I have a very demanding job. Between e-mails, meetings and lots of travel I can hardly think about what to eat, when to eat or where to eat. Sonia’s hands-on approach and practical tools that are suitable for busy people helped me get back on track in my health and weight goals. She understands the challenges I experience on regular basis because she comes from the Corporate world herself.  So much to do, so little time.

Sonia’s focus on back- to- basics and keep-it -simple coaching sessions are not just positive and encouraging, but they provide long term results. If you are busy, need more energy and want to improve your overall health, Sonia can help you.


As parents we were looking for a better way to incorporate better nutrition into our family. We have 2 children, a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. They both struggled with weight and poor eating habits Sonia’s healthy corner interactive and fun workshops helped us take charge of our health as a family by focusing on simple changes and achievable goals. The kids enjoyed the fun activities and how to make healthy snacks. We enjoyed the quality time spent as a family investing in our healthy future. It is very nice to see your kids getting excited about eating better and getting healthier. Sonia’s healthy corner has made this possible.


I had a lifelong struggle with my weight and health challenges. I have been thru many weight loss programs that promise quick results but the results don’t last.  Sonia introduced me to lifestyle changing techniques that are easy-to-follow and guarantee long term results, her knowledge and expertise helped me every step of the way to achieve my weight goals and improve my health.  She motivated and empowered me to make healthier choices, to become more active, to adopt simple changes and to inspire others to get healthier too.