We are all navigating thru uncertainty during this Coronavirus pandemic, and the overwhelming information around it can make us fearful, anxious and even depressed. It is important that we use this time to focus on what we can control. THE GOOD NEWS is that our bodies are a wonderful divine design composed of trillions of cells, some of them are natural killer cells that act like an army of soldiers to help fight and protect against viruses and germs that can harm us.  Our immune system’s job is to detect a virus and destroy it. If you ever played Pac-Man you can visualize how Pac-Man detects and destroy viruses and germs. Our body has the capability to fight disease. It is imperative that we feed our fighting troops with the right nutrients that will help our immune system be resilient and strong!  


1.Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Eat the Rainbow”? Having a spectrum of color in your diet provides a variety of nutrients that will translate into health benefits that include antioxidant and immune system protection properties. The more variety of colors you consume in fruits and vegetables, the more protected you will be to fight any disease. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is vital for many bodily functions. It is also important to get rid of toxins that our bodies are exposed to on daily basis that could compromise our immune system’s ability to fight infections. You should aim to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces. So if you are 140 pounds you should be drinking 70 ounces of water daily. 

3. Limit your intake of processed and sugary foods

Consuming too much sugar will weaken your immune system. It triggers inflammation and affects the cells in our immune system that target bacteria and viruses. Processed foods have a lot of “unknown” ingredients that might create havoc in our immune system as well. 

4. Move! dance, jump, do whatever you want, just MOVE!

Physical movement stimulates the immune system by improving blood circulation that in turn helps us release our “own internal medicine” which means the cells and substances of our immune system move freely through our body and do their job. 

5. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is linked to a symphony of chemical reactions throughout the body, when these chemical reactions become misaligned they contribute to health problems that can lead to an increased risk for disease. The recommended sleep hours for adults is 7-9 and for kids is 9-11 hours. 

6. Practice daily prayer, meditation

When you stress your immune system goes down and is more susceptible to viruses. Find your peace, give yourself permission to relax and meditate. Be hopeful, find your daily joy and remain positive by practicing gratitude.

7. Keep yourself informed but don’t panic!

Do so via trusted sources and limit the amount of time you spend watching the news and social media. Be cautious but don’t panic!

8. Follow CDC recommendations to protect yourself

Follow the guidelines provided for your protection. We still have control on how we respond and the ability to preload our body to stay healthy now, and in the future. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?  

As a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Certified Health-Coach I promote a healthy lifestyle that is build on the four pillars of Health:  Lifestyle-How we live; Exercise- How we move; Attitude- How we think and Nutrition-How we eat. 

Nothing in this article is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. 

Sonia Cervantes
Certified Health Coach
Ph  619.818.2259
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